Hour Lake & Trail

Watson Lake

Trail Length: 2.5 kilometres

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:

The Hour Lake Trail is a recreation destination located in the community of Watson Lake in the Yukon Territory, Canada. The lake is situated in the Bellevue Subdivision on the south end of Watson Lake, east of the Alaska Highway, off of Stubenberg Boulevard Road.

Hour Lake is a bottle neck lake. The centre of the lake narrows into a funnel-like canal. On the east side of the lake is a hiking trail accessing the lake. The 2.5 kilometres trail explores some shoreline and is mostly navigating through trees.

The Hour Lake Hiking Trail is pine needle covered, moss cushioned in some sections of the route. It can get slippery. However the trail is relatively flat and easy going which makes for good footing. But do not be to easy going as there are exposed tree roots to avoid.

Hour Lake is a recreation destination in Watson Lake, year round, for a few activities. In the summer months some of the activities enjoyed include hiking, canoeing, birdwatching and fishing. In the winter months activities switch to ice fishing and skating.

The lake is most popular for fishing. The lake is part of the Yukon Conservation Strategy initiative. In 1990 the lake was stocked with Rainbow Trout. The lake since 1990 has been a catch and release fishing hole in the community.

However there are some rules to make note of. Motorized boats are not permitted on the lake. All fishing is with barbless hooks. Must have a Yukon fishing licence to fish in the territory.

Hour Lake is in a community neighbourhood. The shore line of the lake is forested and decorated with homes. So on your adventure please show respect and privacy to the people living in the area.


Hour Lake & Trail
Stubenberg Blvd
Watson Lake

How To Get ToHour Lake & Trail

Travel to the community of Watson Lake in the Yukon Territory, Canada. Continue to travel the Alaska Highway to the south end of Watson Lake. On your right, just before the turn off for Stubenberg Blvd is a trailhead. The north trailhead is located up the road a bit on Stubenberg Blvd. Look for a large white sign on your left.
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