Dezadeash River Trail

Haines Junction

Trail Length: 5.5 kilometre ( 3 mi ) loop

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Wilderness Camp
Interpretive Signs

Kluane National Park & Reserve, Yukon Territory, Canada

Dezadeash River Trail

The Dezadeash River Trail is a recreation trail located in the Kluane National Park and Reserve near the community of Haines Junction, Yukon Territories, Canada. The trail explores along the banks of the river providing a good opportunity for birdwatching, wildlife sightings and plenty of mountain scenery.

Auriol Trail photo gallery The 5.5 kilometre ( 3 mi ) loop trail includes boardwalk and dirt sections with some viewing platforms located along the route overlooking the river. The activity trail is a loop route which follows along the marsh-like banks of the river and explores in and out of the forest.

The route is well maintained, level and easy going making it very family friendly. The route includes an elevation gain of only 14 metres (30 feet) and should take hikers no longer than 1-2 hours to complete. It is just another reason why the route is such a popular trail for all ages and fitness levels when hiking, birdwatching and xc skiing in the area.

The Dezadeash River Trail is an interpretive trail with information signs posted along the route. The signs discuss the eco systems in the area and the wildlife. The information signs begin at the trailhead which is located in a large gravel parking lot located south of Haines Junction at the Dezadeash River Bridge.

The adventure trail begins by following a raised boardwalk and wood chip path through a marsh like area before entering into an aspen forest. There is a viewing platform overlooking the Dezadeash River at the 1 kilometre point of the trail. Here and at other viewing areas on the trail there are opportunities to view moose, waterfowl and sometimes bears.

At the 1.4 kilometre mark of the trail there is a junction. This is the beginning and end of the loop portion of the trail. From here the loop trail measures 2.5 kilometres.

The Dezadeash River Trail is in the heart of "Bear Country". Know your wildlife etiquette and always give wildlife the right of way. And for your own comfort, when exploring in the Yukon wilderness, always carry mosquito repellant.

Dezadeash River Trail in Kluane National Park & Reserve near Haines Junction, Yukon Territories, Canada.


Dezadeash River Trail
Haines Highway
Haines Junction

How To Get ToDezadeash River Trail

Travel to the community of Haines Junction, Yukon Territory, Canada. From the community travel south a short distance to the Dezadeash River Bridge located near the corner of Haines Highway and the Alaska Highway.
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