Wascana Park


Park Size: 931 hectares (2300 acres)

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Boat Launch
Dog Walking
Mountain Biking
Wildlife Watching
Wind Surfing
Wheelchair Access

Wascana Centre Park
Things to Do in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Wascana Park is a large community park popular for recreation trails, green space, attractions and year round activities in the City of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The park surrounds Wascana Lake and follows Wascana Creek and is currently labeled as one of the TOP 5 largest urban parks in Canada measuring over 931 hectares (2300 acres).

canonrebelWascana Park was first established in 1962. The name Wascana came from the First Nation Cree people word "Oscana" which means "pile of bones". "Oscana" refers to the bones of the Plains Buffalo which once covered the shores of Wascana Creek.

During the summer months some of the activities enjoyed in Wascana Park include walking, biking, birdwatching, roller blading, picnicking, kayaking and canoeing. During the winter months xc skiing is enjoyed.

Within the boundaries of Wascana Park there are over 9.5 kilometres of paved pathways. The trails connect to picnic sites, activity areas, attractions, recreation facilities, tour companies, lookouts and monuments.

Some of the monuments and art sculptures located in this Regina, Sask. park include the Boy Scout Monument, Lady Slipper Courtyard, Minds Garden, Speaker's Corner, Surveyor's Monument, Totem Pole, Trafalgar Fountain, Oskana Circle and the Saskatchewan War Memorial.

Wascana Park is home to some of Regina's most popular local attractions like the Legislative Building, Conexus Arts Centre, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Royal Saskatchewan Museum, University of Regina, Saskatchewan Science Centre and the Queens Gardens.

The Blue Trail is the most popular paved pathway in Wascana Park measuring over 4 kilometres long ( 2.5 miles). The trail loops around the entire shore of Wascana Lake leading to amazing views, picnic areas, attractions and many opportunities for recreation. The trail is wheelchair and baby stroller friendly.

There are 6 small islands in Wascana Lake - Spruce, Pine, Willow, Pelican, Goose and Tern Islands. Most are left as natural sites while some have been developed into picnic sites and lookouts.

Pine Island is a lookout accessed from a foot bridge connected to the Blue Trail. Pine Island is a well developed island with a tiered lookout, a waterfall and some sightseeing benches providing views of the lake, Regina parliament buildings and the marina.

Willow Island is a picnic site accessed from a ferry boat located near the Willow Island Lookout on the Blue Trail. The island includes bbq pits, picnic tables, picnic shelter, benches, washrooms, fire pits and water fountains. The entire island or 1/2 the island can be booked for events and group activities.

Wildlife sightings are common in Wascana Park especially bird sightings. There are swans, geese, pelicans, loons, herons, falcons, plovers, owls, hummingbirds, vultures, hawks, eagles, terns, swifts, woodpeckers, swallows, vireos, ducks and more.

There are birds in their natural environment and their are birds recovering from injury in protective environments like at the Waterfowl Park Display Ponds. The Display Ponds are located just east of the Conexus Arts Centre in a gated area. There is a self guided walking path which visits 3 ponds created for housing injured waterfowl.

Wascana Park enjoys many amenities therefore it is a very popular site for events year round. The Wascana Bandstand, located just south of the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, is used for many such occasions.

The pathways in Wascana Park connect to other very popular recreation routes. The Devonian Pathway follows Wascana Creek northwest out of the park and the Pilot Butte Creek Pathway explores east out of the park.


Wascana Park

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