Parks, Trails, Beaches and Places in Saskatchewan, Canada

Parks in Saskatchewan, Canada provide travelers an opportunity to explore the wilderness landscapes, eco systems and communities of the province, as well as, discover the history of the province.

In Saskatchewan there are national, provincial, regional and community parks. There are also many park areas protecting historic sites, heritage buildings, wildlife sanctuaries and wetlands.

The park system in Saskatchewan Canada provides an opportunity to explore grassland prairies, sand hills, lakes, marshes, oxbows, river valleys, Boreal Forest and the Precambrian Canadian Shield.

Park services vary per park. Some parks include campgrounds, recreation trails, historic sites, playgrounds, day use picnic areas, golf courses, sandy beaches, lookout towers, art, recreation facilities, cabins, protected wildlife species and much more.

Some of the summer activities enjoyed in the Saskatchewan park system include camping, hiking, kayaking, boating, sailing, canoeing, birdwatching, swimming, water skiing, mountain biking, cycling, horseback riding, fishing, wind surfing and more.

During the winter season some of the popular park activities enjoyed includes cross country skiing, ice fishing and snowshoeing.

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Parkland Oasis Nature Trail: 232 acres of bird nesting grounds, 47 acres of wetlands and 27 acres of parkland. Also a 2 km interpretive trail leading to birding lookouts and viewpoints located in the Poulin Ducks Unlimited project area.
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The Rotary Trail is a very popular pathway (23 km). It is generally an easy going, level pathway ideal for all ages and fitness levels. It is an ideal route for sightseeing and exploring when visiting in the community of Prince Albert.
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Buffalo Pound Provincial Park is a popular recreation and wildlife watching destination nestled in the Qu’Appelle Valley located northeast of the community of Moose Jaw.
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The Pike Lake Provincial Park is a popular developed park with lots of extras. It includes two day use areas, two sandy beaches, a large full service campground, boat rentals, boat launch, walking trails, concession, a general store,...
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Sunningdale Park is popular for hiking, birdwatching, biking picnicking and sightseeing.
A 3.7 kilometre paved and gravel loop trail called the Rotary Cove Trail explores around Sunningdale Park crossing foot bridges back and forth.
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Lake Diefenbaker is one of the most popular fresh water lakes in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada for activity, leisure and adventure. To some in the province the lake is referred to as, "Saskatchewan's Great Lake."
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Paradise Beach is a popular sandy beach for sunbathing located away from the sights and sounds of downtown Saskatoon. It is located on Valley Road. No swimming just sunbathing.
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Diefenbaker Park is a wilderness park ideal for appreciating nature and the history of the Temperance Colonists who first settled in Saskatoon. There is a day use picnic area, BBQ, sightseeing benches, trails and cemetery.
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Fort Carlton Provincial Park is a historical destination consisting of a resurrected Hudson Bay Company fur trading post. There are interpretive guides, a gift shop, artifacts, exhibits, a tipi village and interpretive hiking trails.
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Redberry Lake is a birdwatching wilderness destination with over 200 local and migrating bird species sighted including songbirds, shore birds, predator birds and waterfowl. The parkland is a World Biosphere Reserve.
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Castle Butte in the Big Muddy Badlands is a 230 foot high outcrop of sandstone dominating the rolling hills of the Southwest area of Saskatchewan.
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dd vista east block
If you want solitude, head for the hills of Grasslands National Park, East Block, located near Wood Mountain Saskatchewan. Located in the Wood Mountain Uplands.
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sign prov
Largest collection of petroglyphs on the Canadian plains and one of five sites in Canada where petroglyphs are found on horizontal rock surfaces.
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Grasslands National Park is the only National Park in Canada that represents the prairie grasslands natural region.
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Battlefords Provincial Park is on the eastern shore of Jackfish Lake and measures about 14 hectares (34 acres) in size. There is a white sandy beach, campgrounds, day use area and many opportunities for water sport activities
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