Grasslands National Park
Located in: Saskatchewan

Val Marie

Park Size: 907 square KM

Difficulty: Moderate
Park Amenities:
Wilderness Camp
Horseback Riding
Pet Friendly
Sani Dump
Wildlife Watching

Grasslands National Park is the only National Park in Canada that represents the prairie grasslands natural region. It is one of the finest examples of mixed-grass prairie, of which of 70% has disappeared from North America. Located in Southern Saskatchewan bordering the Montana border. Grasslands National Park allows for a look back into history dating back as far as dinosaur fossils that can be found throughout the park from the last ice age, to the first nations tipi rings to the reminants of buildings and corrals left from the time of European settlement.

Grasslands National Park offers one of the best wildlife viewing around. There are approximately 20 speciecs that live throughout the park that are listed at risk.  Some of the animals that you will most likely see on your time in Grasslands National Park are Plains Bison, Black-tailed Prarie Dog, Pronghorn Antelope, Mule Deer, White Tailed Deer, Coyotes.  Others that might be spotted but are harder to find include Greater Sage-Grouse, Ferruginous Hawk, Greater Short-horned Lizard, Prairie Rattlesnake, Black-footed ferret and the Burrowing Owl.  

The Visitor Centre and Front Country Camping is open from May to October.  There is no fee to enter the park but there is a fee for camping.


Grasslands National Park
Val Marie
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Located in: Saskatchewan
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