North Lakes - Saskatchewan, Canada

Fishing Lodges, fish camps and resorts:

There are over 100, 000 lakes, 9 drainage basins, one of Canada's largest sand dunes, some provincial parks, wildlife sanctuaries and many small rural villages and remote fishing lodges located in The Northern Lakes region.

The North Saskatchewan landscape is rugged, remote and wild and is best known as one of Canada's best fishing destinations. There are many fishing lodges, fish camps and fishing resorts located on the lakes and rivers of the north. The popular fish species in the region include walleye, trout, perch, pike, arctic grayling, burbot, suckers and whitefish.

Northern Lakes, Saskatchewan

Popular Activities

Things to do in the Summer

Because of the abundance of lakes and rivers there are many year round activities. In the summer the north is best recognized for its fishing but there is also some popular destinations for canoeing, kayaking, wilderness camping, wildlife watching, hiking and birdwatching.

Things to do in the Winter

In the winter months, some of the roads are closed due to winter weather... however the lakes and rivers take on a new form, freezing over, forming ice roads and bridges for snowmobiling and for accessing remote ice fishing destinations.

North Saskatchewan Villages

The villages in the northern region, some First Nation, are located on the shores of lakes and the banks of rivers. Many are best accessed via float planes and bush planes. However there are three main seasonal roads accessing some of the northern villages and lakes in the region.

Some of the main villages in Northern Saskatchewan include La Ronge, Pine Horse Lake, Lie-a-la-Crosse, Buffalo Narrows, La Roche, Pelican Narrows, Sandy Bay, Wollaston Lake, Stony Lake, Black Lake, Fond-du-Lac, Uranium City, Eldorado and Camsell Portage.

Services are limited in villages. It is important to plan your travels with an expert as there are long distances between villages and access to services. The main villages for services include La Ronge, Buffalo Narrows, Lie-a-la-Crosse and La Loche.

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