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Cochrane, Ontario, Canada is located in the Wilderness Region in the northern section of Ontario. It is a natural environment situated on the doorstep of lakes, boreal forests and connecting rivers. Located nearby are smaller towns including Smooth Rock Falls and Fraserdale. All the communities are part of the Arctic Watershed which therefore means that all the rivers in the area flow north into James Bay and, eventually, into the Arctic Ocean. 

Polar Bear - Cochrane, Ontario, Canada

Attractions in Cochrane, Ontario

Welcoming visitors to Cochane today is a giant polar bear statue named "Chimo" which means "Welcome" in the language of the Inuit people. The polar bear mascot is a photo opportunity for many who visit."Chimo" goes hand in hand with one of the main attractions in Cochrane called "Swimming with the Polar Bears." Yes, it is true, one can swim with polar bears at the Polar Bear Conservation & Education Habitat Centre. The bears and you are seprated by a wall of glass.

The Heritage Village relives the 1900's. It is next door to the Polar Bear Conservation & Education Habitat Centre. The historic site includes artifacts and buildings including a general store, doctor's office, blacksmith, homestead and gas station. Other attractions in Cochrane Ontario popular with travelers include the Polar Bear Express (sightseeing train tour), the Heritage Village and a snowmobile and pioneer museum. The Polar Bear Express is a popular train tour providing transportation and sightseeing opportunities from Cochrane to the northern community of Moosonee. The train stops long the route to enable hikers, canoeists and their equipment to disembark the train and begin their adventures.

Other summer activities and adventures enjoyed in Cochrane, Ontario, Canda include fishing, ATVing, hunting, sightseeing, flightseeiing, golfing, wildlife sightings, birdwatching, touring, camping, kayaking and canoeing. During the winter snow season the waterways freeze over. So much so that an ice bridge replaces the cable ferry on the Abitibi River. Popular activities include ice fishing, xc sking and snowmobiling. There are over 700+ kilometres of trails in the region for snowmobiling adventures.

Amenities and Services in Cochrane, Ontario

The community provides many of the services important to travelers including accommodations (fly-in lodges, wilderness resorts, bed and breakfasts, motels, inns, campgrounds, outposts) and restaurants, tours, outfitters, attractions, guides, art gallery, public library, recreation centre and transportation services (air service, train, taxi). 

Parks, Trails and Places in Cochrane, Ontario

In the centre of Cochrane is Lake Commando. The sandy beach on the lake is a swimming and picnic destination during the summer months. There is also a 2.2 kilometre walking trail snaking around the lake leading to picnic sites, a playground, a bridge and connecting to Memorial Park. Some of the more popular destinations for activity and sightseeing in the region include Abitibi Canyon, Abitibi River, Greenwater Provincial Park, Mattagami River Lookout (Smooth Rock Falls), the Cassiopeia IV (cable ferry on Abitibi River) and the Long Sault Rapids Hydroelectric Dam.

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