Things To Do in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.
Rainbow Country Region

Recommended things to do in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Popular summer and winter adventures and activities enjoyed while visiting and exploring, in and around, Northeastern Ontario, Canada including the surrounding communities of Lively, Falconbridge, Espanola, Chelmsford, Dowling, Capreol, Hanmer, Azilda, Levack, Garson, Coniston, Onaping Falls and Massey.

dynamic earth big knickel300Attractions : Visit one of the large attractions in Sudbury including Science North and Dynamic Earth or visit the go carts, casino, mini golf and others. 

Wildlife Sightings: Plan a boat cruise, railway expedition or a flightseeing, canoeing tour in the region and, most likely, enjoy a bevy of wildlife sightings. One can also travel to one of the provincial parks in the outlying areas and self guide their way to wildlife sightings.

Fish "City of Lakes":Drive to, board a bush plane or floatplane and travel to your favourite lake, remote fishing resort, outpost or wilderness lodge and enjoy some quality time fishing for walleye, trout, bass, northern pike, muskie, whitefish and salmon. 

Ride the Rails : Board a train and scuttle off into the remote wilderness regions of the province and enjoy some wildlife sightings, beautiful scenery or hop off the rails and go fishing, hiking, birding and/or wilderness camping. 

The Arts :Attend a musical, live theatre performance, festival, concert or art gallery showing when visiting in the community and get a big dose of culture and tradition.

Biking : Bike the trails in Sudbury especially the 26 kilometre loop biking trail around Ramsey Lake. Many of the trails and some side streets in the Sudbury area form the urban Rainbow Routes which are ideal for biking. 

Launch a Boat :With hundreds of lakes in the area there are many opportunities to launch a boat and go sightseeing, water skiing and fishing. Tow your own boat with you when visiting and a have a day on the water.

Hike the Trails : Greater Sudbury enjoys a network of non-motorized trails called the Rainbow Routes which are ideal for hiking, walking, biking in the summer. Venture to one of the nearby provincial parks and do some wilderness hiking with possible wildlife sightings.

Saddle Up : Guest ranches in the Greater Sudbury region provide horseback riding adventures with guides, lessons and accommodations, as well as, hay rides and sleigh rides. Saddle up and explore the country side by horseback. 

Greens & Fairways :There are an abundance of golf courses in the Greater Sudbury region. It would be wise to pack your clubs and book a tee time when in the area. There are 9 and 18 hole courses - many with driving ranges, clubhouses and putting greens.

Paddles In : Sign up with one of the canoe tour operators in the region and enjoy a challenging long haul canoe adventure with wilderness camping and portages. Long haul routes usually include guide, lessons, meals and accommodations. 

Sightseeing : Visit the A.Y Jackson Park for waterfalls; Blueberry Hill for city views; Grotto Lourdes Shrine for history or the Jim Gordon Walkway for sightseeing the waterfront on Ramsey Lake. 

History : Visit one of the many museums in the region for a taste of history whether it be mining, railroad, pioneers, First Nation or religion.

Pack Swim Trunks : So many lakes means many sandy beaches including Moonlight, Meatbird, Kalmo, Nephawin Beaches - as well as - beaches in Bell Park, Capreol and Whitewater Lake Park.

Ice Fishing :Rent an ice shack (hut) from one of the wilderness resorts or ice fishing guiding companies in the region. Many provide equipment & transportation (to & from huts). Some provide heated huts with amenities. 

Hunt : There are outfitters and guides operating out of the Greater Sudbury region who are experts in hunting for ducks, partridge, geese, rabbits, grouse, moose, deer and bear.

Sledding : Snowmobiling in the Greater Sudbury is a popular winter activity. The STP Ring Trail practically connects your backyard to a network of 1300+ kilometres of sled trails which then connect to a larger network of trails exploring Northern Ontario.

Ski & Boarding :Hit the slopes for some downhill skiing and snowboarding on the Adanac, Capreol, Lively and Onaping Ski Hills. Ski hills provide rentals and lessons - as well as - the bigger hills provide lodges and chalets. 

XC Ski : Strap on the boards and explore the Walden Trails, Lake Laurentian Conservation Area & Naughton Trails. There are local nordic and alpine clubs who operate xc ski trails in Azilda, Capreol and Onaping Falls.

Things To Do in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, Rainbow Country


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