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Gateway to the Wabakimi Wilderness Provincial Park


Armstrong, Ontario, Canada is a small town located west of the northern tip of Lake Nipigon and east of Wabakimi Park. The community is considered the "Gateway to the Wabakimi Wilderness Provincial Park" for the North of Superior region in Northern Ontario, Canada.

The smaller townships and villages located near Armstrong, Ontario include Earlton, Namaygoosisagagun, Allanwater, Gull Bay, Ferland, Collins and Whitesand First Nation. Some of the townships are accessed by floatplane or rail only.

Activities, Adventures and Things To Do in Armstrong, Ontario

Armstrong, Ontario is the hub for many northern wilderness adventures like fishing, canoeing and hunting. Many are fly-in resorts, lodges or wilderness outposts which can only be accessed via floatplanes. The floatplane is the preferred mode of transportation for accessing the northern adventures.

Services and Amenities in Armstrong, Ontario

The resort destinations located throughout the north provide guides, transportation and equipment necessary for a successful adventure. The guides are knowledgeable and experienced and are equipped for all situations in the wild. Other services in the region include accommodations (inn, motel, cabins, B&B) and gas station, general store, restaurant, ATM and transportation services (Earlton-Temiskaming Regional Airport, VIA RAIL and a floatplane bases).

Parks, Trails and Place of Interest to explore in Armstrong, Ontario

The North of Ontario is populated by thousands of recreational lakes. Nearest Armstrong are the Caribou, MacKenzie, Obonga, Nipigon and the Shawanabis Lakes. Some of the lakes in the north are home to wilderness resorts. The main park in the region for adventure is the Wabakimi Wilderness Provincial Park. Other parks nearby include the Kopka River Provincial Park, Windigo Bay Provincial park, and the Whitesand Provincial Park.

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