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Toronto, Ontario

City of Toronto, GTA, Great Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada


Toronto, Ontario, Canada, located on the north-western shores of Lake Ontario, is the capital city of Ontario, Canada's largest city and the centre of the Golden Horseshoe (home to over 25+ % of Canada's population). When we talk GTA (Greater Toronto Area) it includes larger communities like Brampton, Burlington, Milton, Mississauga, Oakville, Scarborough, Oshawa, Vaughan, and Markham.
The most recognizable structure of the community is the CN Tower. The building is said to be one of the tallest of its kind in the North America. The city is well recognized globally as a communication, commercial and financial centre. Surrounding the tower are numerous sky scrapers and a vast network of commercial and financial institutions including many banks, brokerage houses, and the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Culture Hub of Canada - arts, fashion and theatre

Within some art circles Toronto is recognized as a culture hub of Canada, especially for the arts, fashion and theatre. The city is home to a high number of museums, galleries, art venues, entertainment, festivals and national historic sites. The entertainment industry attracts over 26 million tourists to the city every year. It is good that the Greater Toronto Area has 1000's of restaurants, pubs and cafes.

Popular Attractions of Toronto, Ontario

Some of the more popular attractions of Toronto include the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), the Ontario Science Centre, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Textile Museum of Canada, the Museum of Inuit Art, the Gardiner Museum, Toronto Zoo, the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, the Institute for Contemporary Culture, the Toronto Sculpture Garden, Hart House, and the Aga Khan Museum.

Activities, Tours, Guides and Adventure Destinations throughout the GTA

Many activities are enjoyed in the city and its parks. The more notable parks to visit include Bluffers, Budapest, Cathedral Bluffs, High, Humber, Queens, Rosetta Gardens, and Woodbine Parks. As for trails many enjoy the activity and sights from the Waterfront Trail. When you talk the GTA some of the other parks to consider are Loafers & Professors Lake (Brampton), Beachway and Lasalle Park (Burlington), Rattray Marsh (Mississauga) and Bonte Harbour Park (Oakville). 
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