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Brampton Ontario
Adventure Travel - Canada

Located in the Peel Region, Southern Ontario


Brampton Ontario, Canada is located in the Peel Region, Southern Ontario and is considered part of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

Brampton Ontario Activities, Adventures and Things To Do

The self guided and guided tours, adventures and activities popular in the region include birding, hiking, canoeing, swimming, picnicking, biking, golfing, sightseeing, jogging, skating, and xc skiing.

Services and Amenities in Brampton Ontario

Services in the community popular with tourist include accommodations, gas stations, shopping, restaurants, coffee houses, grocery stores, library, internet, cell service and transportation companies (taxi, bus, car rentals, rail and the Brampton Airport (CNC3).

Cultural, historical venues in Brampton

Brampton Ontario has a good selection of venues in the region including Bovard House, Peel Art Gallery, Museum, Rose Theatre and the Great War Flying Museum,

Parks, Trails and Places of Interest in Brampton Ontario

The parks, trails and places of interest in Brampton Ontario include the Chinguacousy, Eldorado, Etobicoke, Gage, Loafers Lake, Professors Lake, Gardens Square Parks and the Heart Lake and Claireville Conservation Areas, as well as, Temple Gardens.

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