Grand Falls, New Brunswick
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Named after a 23 metre waterfall


Grand Falls, New Brunswick, Canada is named after a 23 metre waterfall on the Saint John River. The Victoria County community rests on the Canada–United States border.

Activities and Things To Do in Grand Falls, New Brunswick

Activities most enjoyed in the community of Grand Falls and throughout the surrounding areas include sightseeing, camping, golfing, kayaking, canoeing, boating, sailing, rock climbing, zip-lining, farm tours and xc skiing.

Parks, Trails and Place of Interest to explore in Grand Falls, New Brunswick

A few of the more popular activity and sightseeing destinations in the region include Mount Carleton Provincial Park and the Grand Falls Gorge.

Grand Falls, New Brunswick Attractions and Cultural Venues

Some of the attractions, historic sites and cultural venues to visit in and around Grand Falls, New Brunswick include Grand Falls Museum, Hall of Fame, and Broadway Boulevard (widest main street in eastern Canada).

Services and Amenities in Grand Falls, New Brunswick

Services important in and around the community of Grand Falls include accommodations, campgrounds, attractions, restaurants, grocery stores, pubs, liquor stores, gas stations, gift shops, internet, cell service and transportation including taxi and the Grand Falls Airport.

Explore Grand Falls, New Brunswick, Canada Travel Guide for Accommodations, Attractions and Adventure.

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