Grand Falls Gorge

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Grand Falls Gorge

Grand Falls, New Brunswick, NB

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Grand Falls Gorge is a spectacle that one must see when in the area. A 1.6 kilometre trail explores a gorge on the Saint John River before connecting to viewing platforms overseeing this beautiful waterfall which drops 25 metres (75 feet). A waterfall which claims to be the largest waterfall east of Niagara Falls.

What are the Things To Do, Activities, Adventures at the Grand Falls Gorge?

Grand Falls Gorge adventures, and activities most enjoyed in the area includes hiking, zip lining, sightseeing, picnicking and kayaking.

Why the Grand Falls Gorge?

It is one of the easy access waterfalls in the province. It is very well maintained and has some great viewing platforms, as well as, 401 steps leading down to the river for further exploration. Did we mention it was the largest waterfall east of Niagara Falls. 

What are the highlights, amenities, services located in and around the Grand Falls Gorge?

A few of the more popular highlights, amenities and services located in and around Grand Falls Gorge includes picnic tables, picnic shelters, information signs, guided tours, interpretive centre, gift shop, viewing platforms, washrooms, and a hiking trail.

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Grand Falls Gorge
25 Madawaska Road
Grand Falls ,


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