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The Pas Manitoba
Adventure Travel - Canada

The Pas is located on the banks of the Saskatchewan and Pasquia Rivers near the Saskatchewan River Delta in the northern region of Manitoba, Canada. The community is an adventure destination, an agricultural centre and a transportation hub.

The region includes the communities of The Pas, the Opaskwayak Cree First Nation and the villages of Kelsey, Wanless and Cranberry Portage. 

The Pas is one of the oldest communities in Northern Manitoba. But before the town was named The Pas it was Pascoyac. The Pas was once the site of a trading post which went by the name of Fort Pascoyac which, in turn, was named after the local Pasquia First Nation people.

The trading post was a meeting and distribution site for First Nation, French and European fur trappers and traders to gather and talk trade and furs. The trading post became the community of The Pas which, some say, is a shortened version of Pascoyac.

The Pas is a gateway to the north. The northern Manitoba community is located at an intersection of two major highways (Hwy #10 North and Hwy # 283 West)... and it sits at the confluence of two rivers.

The Pas provides many of the services that are important for travel and adventure. Some of the main services available include accommodations, tours, guides, outfitters, banks, laundromat, gift stores, shopping mall, gas station, grocery store, internet, restaurants, charter plane services and sports shop.

Popular Activities

Entertainment in The Pas includes art galleries, casino, museum and theatre. There are events and festivals year round like a fishing derby and trapper festival. Historically speaking one can visit the 1897 Charlebois Chapel, 1916 Court House (Sam Waller Museum) and the 1928 Pas Railway Station.

There are natural attractions as well in the community like Devon Park, Grace Lake and the Rosie Mayne Notchemek Trail. Another natural attraction which gets allot of attention on a clear winter night are the Northern Lights.

The lake and river environment is friendly to summer activities like boating, sailing, water skiing, swimming, canoeing, windsurfing, kayaking, camping, picnicking, birdwatching and fishing for lake trout, walleye, northern pike and yellow perch. There are fishing lodges, wilderness camps and fishing guides for assistance in catching the big one. 

Other summer activities enjoyed in the region include golfing, hiking, biking, hunting and sightseeing. Some summer activities are better enjoyed by oneself or with a group of friends and family. Other summer adventures are best enjoyed in the company of an experienced guide and/or outfitter. 

In the winter months the activities change. The ground is covered in snow and the lakes have frozen over. People bundle up and enjoy activities like dog sledding, snowmobiling, xc skiing, snowshoeing and ice fishing. 

There are winter tour companies, winter wilderness lodges, designated nordic areas and snowmobile clubs in the northern region of Manitoba. A network of 320+ kilometres of snowmobile trails connect The Pas to many villages including Flin Flon, Manitoba and to parks like Clearwater Lake Provincial Park.


Popular Parks & Places

Popular parks, trails and green space destinations in and around The Pas, Manitoba include the Saskeram Provincial Wildlife Management Area, Grass River Provincial Park and the Clearwater Lake Provincial Park.

The Pas, Manitoba is located in a sea of lakes and rivers. In the community there are two small lakes named Cemetery and Grace. Nearby, in the backcountry, there are more lakes like the Saskeram, Keyaskoskak, Reader, Barbe, Kelsey, Silver, Moose, Cedar, Rocky, Root, Bower and Tokaruk Lakes.