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Flin Flon Manitoba
Adventure Travel - Canada

Flin Flon is located in Northern Manitoba on the shores of Ross Lake surrounded by recreational lakes, bedrock cliffs and parks. The community is situated on the Saskatchewan and Manitoba border on the 54th parallel.

Flin Flon is part of the Greenstone region. The Greenstone region includes the villages of Creighton, Denaire Beach, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon and Snow Lake. The region is a gateway to the Grass River Corridor and the many year-round adventures enjoyed in the northern regions of Manitoba, Canada.

The Grass River Corridor and the surrounding wilderness consists of many lakes, river networks, boreal forest, recreation parks and beaches. The larger wilderness parks and lakes are located outside of town.

During the summer months the activities enjoyed in the region include hiking, golfing, swimming, canoeing, sightseeing, mountain biking, horseback riding, boating, bird watching and fishing for walleye, perch, northern pike, whitefish, burbot, lake and rainbow trout. There are fishing lodges, guides and wilderness camps available for the ultimate fishing experience.

In the winter months the parks, trails and backcountry gravel roads become snowmobile and dog sledding routes, as well as, xc ski and snowshoe trails. Flin Flon does have a nordic club which maintains a set of xc ski trails near the community.

The other big winter sightseeing attraction in the flin Flon area are the colored lights dancing in the sky called the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). Best time for viewing is on a clear night between the months of January and March.

The community of Flin Flon refers to itself as, "The City Built on Rock". And it is - generally true - the community is built on rock, around rock and through rock. Long ago the volcanic nature of the area pushed the rock to the surface. That rock is part of the Precambrian Amisk Volcanic Belt.

Flin Flon has always had to work closely with the rock. The roads had to be blasted through the rock. Utility poles are strapped to the rock. Stairs for pedestrians must climb up over the rock. The largest employer in town is mining rock.

In 1915 a miner by the name of Tom Creighton was throwing his axe into some rock when he made a major mineral discovery. The mineral find attracted allot of attention and soon later a mine and smelting plant was constructed. The town grew around the plant and the miners named it Flin Flon.

The miners named the town of Flin Flon after a 1915 dime-book character named Josiah Flintabbatey Flonatin. A statue of Josiah Flintabbatey Flonatin is located at the entrance of the town. More history about the town and the statue is available from the local museum.

Flin Flon has many of the services and amenities which are important to travelers including accommodations, campground, restaurants, retail stores, gas stations, banks, grocery stores, internet, coffee shops, pubs, laundromat, big box retailers, recreation facilities, golf course, liquor store and transportation (taxi, car rental and airport).

Located outside of town is cottage country. Cottage country includes areas like Big Island, Bakers Narrows and Schist Lake. There are various lakes in the region which are considered vacation and activity destinations. There are cottages, cabins, lodges and resorts.

Flin Flon has 15 community picnic parks and playgrounds. Some of the more popular wilderness parks and trails located in and around the community of Flin Flon include the Hapnot Lake Wildlife Sanctuary, Ross Lake Boardwalk Trail, Bakers Narrows Provincial Park (campground, beach), Channing Beach (beach, playground, picnic and boat launch), Kinsmen Fitness Trail, Phantom Lake (beach), Denare Beach and Sally's Beach.