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Gimli Beaches on Lake Winnipeg are white, sandy and long. The far reaching sandy shoreline is a popular vacation destination for many who visit in the summer months. To some people Gimli, Manitoba is their cottage country.

In Gimli, Manitoba it is the beaches which get most of the attention. The sandy beaches line up - all in a row - on the shores of Lake Winnipeg spanning across the entire waterfront of the community of Gimli.

The northern most beach is Pelican Beach and the southern most beach is Moonlight Bay. In the middle are the two main beaches called Loni and South Beaches. The main beach in the community of Gimli is located at the end of Centre Street on the waterfront.

The beaches are popular for swimming, fishing, sunbathing, beachcombing, sightseeing and picnicking. There are many cottages lining the waterfront road with beach views. Many of the services are within walking distance of the main beach in town.

The main industries in Gimli are tourism, fishing and industrial. The tourism highlights of Gimli are the white sandy beaches. Many take the time to explore the waterfront visiting the seawall, painted murals, park, museum and a 15 foot Viking statue celebrating Viking history.

On the southern end of the community waterfront is Gimli Harbour. The harbour docks are home to a marina, boat launch, yacht club and Canada’s largest inland commercial fishery.

Lake Winnipeg is the 10th largest fresh water lake on the globe. The lake and beach provide the backdrop for many of the year round activities enjoyed in the Gimli region.
Gimli Beaches, Manitoba, Canada


Gimli Beaches,
Centre Street

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When in the community of Gimli, Manitoba travel down Centre Street towards the waterfront and Lake Winnipeg.
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