Walking Departure Bay Beach

3818 hits

Waterfront Walkway

2295 hits

Interpretive Sign
Hiking Devil's Elbow Trail

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Picnic on the shores of Fisheye Lake

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Group BBQ
Family having a picnic at Pine Lake

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Picnic Shelter
Shelter in Shipyard Park on the downtown waterfront

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Picnic Table Trail
Yukon River Loop Trail runs through park

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Grass Lawns
Family enjoying a picnic

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Picnic Area
George Johnstone Museum

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Recreation Site
Boat Launch in Tagish near bridge

4720 hits

Picnic shelter in campground

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Picnic Site
Long Lake waterfront picnic site

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Picnic Area
Located along trail and at trailhead

4990 hits

Inside a Kitchen Shelter
Picnic buildings located along the trail

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Welcome Sign
Entrance on Highway #3

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