Silver Trail Community
Stewart River
Views from Silver Trail Highway

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Stewart River
Silver Trail Highway follows river

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Views form Silver Trail Hwy

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Wide Open Valleys
Views form Silver Trail Highway

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Silver Trail Hwy
Road to Keno City and Mayo

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Silver Trail Highway
Paved & gravel highway leading to Mayo and Keno City

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Silver Trail Highway
Highway exploring Stewart Valley

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Boats on the Stewart River

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Prince of Wales Trail
Hiking trail on Stewart and Mayo Rivers

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Lookout Shelter
On the Stewart River and Prince of Wales Trail

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Devil's Elbow Trail
Hiking the wilderness to the lookout

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Galena Park
Waterfront park on the Stewart River

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Interpretive Sign
Information sign on Devil's Elbow Trail

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Devil's Elbow Trail
Hiking trail leading to a summit lookout

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Interpretive Sign
Hiking Devil's Elbow Trail

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