Community Park
Views over Yukon River

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From park path leads into Whitehorse

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Sitting Benches
Take a rest and stay awhile

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Mountain Biking
Biking into Whitehorse passing through Peace Park

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Time for Thought
Someone in deep thought on the banks of the Yukon River

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Biking and Benches
Park for all ages

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Mountain Biking
Biking and Whitehorse go well together

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Walkway leads into Whitehorse

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Sitting Benches
Plenty of seats located along the walkway

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Exercise is a good thing

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Friends taking time for a chat on a beautiful day

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Angela Sidney
First Nation women who dedicated life to protecting culture and language of her people from disappearing

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Totem Pole
Beside statue dedicated to prominant First Nation women

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Totem Pole
First Nation carving in the park

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SS Klondike Riverboat
View of Historic Site from park

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