Recreation area, staging area, day use area and picnic site located in the Highwood Area of Kananaskis Country
Horse Trailers
Trailers in the staging area for horseback riders in the day use area

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Beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains from the viewing bench

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Viewing Bench
Sightseeing bench of the creek and local mountains

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Picnic Area
Day Use Area with picnic tables

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Picnic Tables
Day Use Area with picnic tables and sightseeing benches

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Fitzsimmons Creek
Beautiful views of the creek and mountains from the picnic area

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Chuck Wagon
Horseback riding company's chuck wagon in the parking lot of the Fitzsimmons Creek Day Use Area

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Staging Area
Popular area for horseback riding

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Fitzsimmons Creek
Picnic area on the banks of the creek

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Picnic Area
Fitzsimmons Creek and picnic tables in Kananaskis Country

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