Ogilvie River
The Dempster Highway crossing another river

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Sunshine Through Clouds
Sun shines through clouds onto the Ogilvie Mountains

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Color on Ogilvie Mountains after a rain storm.

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Ogilvie Mountains
Views from the Dempster

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Dempster Highway
Driving near the Ogilvie Mountains

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Ogilvie Mountains
Driving towards the mountain range

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NWT Border
Sign welcoming all to the Northwest Territory

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North Klondike Mountains
Mountain views in the Klondike

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North Klondike Mountain Range
Majestic mountains along the Dempster Hwy

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Nitainlaii Picnic Area
Information and Day Use area

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Nitainlaii Park Entrance
Information signs about the area.

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Muddy Adventure
Some of the Earth's best paint jobs ever.

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Do not see allot of these on the Dempster Hwy

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Mile 0 on the Dempster Hwy
Starting our adventure near Dawson City

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Welcoming us to the Dempster Highway adventure

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