Wildlife in the Yukon, Canada Wildlife of the Yukon
Beaver Dam
Beavers home on Campbell Lake

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Grizzly Ma and Cub
Family of bears on Ogilvie River on Dempster Hwy

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Grizzly Crossing on Dempster Hwy
Spotted a Grizzly looking both ways before crossing the road

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Grizzly Sighting
Flipping rocks near Ogilvie River

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Porcupine Caribou Herd once ruled the land

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Fannin Sheep
Wildlife viewed from the viewpoint in Faro

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Baby Fannin Sheep in the area

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Fannin Sheep
Wildlife on the local mountains

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Dall Sheep
Sheep Mountain near Haines Junction

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Dall Sheep
Wildlife on Sheep Mountain in Kluane National Park

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Bears of the Yukon

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King of the Yukon Wild

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Predator in the Yukon

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High alpine Caribou crossing mountan peaks in Yukon

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Making a home in the Yukon Territory

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