FROG Internet researching Yukon
Top of the World
EH Tourism at the Arctic Circle on Dempster Highway

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Celebration Time
Excited to be at Arctic Circle on Dempster Hwy

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Muddy Adventure
Some of the Earth's best paint jobs ever.

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Mile 0 on the Dempster Hwy
Starting our adventure near Dawson City

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Starting the Dempster Hwy
Starting sign near Dawson City, Yukon

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Lock and Load
We begin our Dempster Highway adventure to Inuvik

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Attack of the Seagulls
Bro is auditioning for a part at the Peel River Ferry Crossing

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Lookout Deck
Forest Fire Watch Tower in Dawson City

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Climbing the Tower
Checking out the Forest Fire Watch Tower in Dawson City

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Researching Hoopla
Getting gitty on Top of the World Hwy near Dawson City

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I am on Top of the World
Top of the World Highway dancing

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Reading Up on Our History
Researching the Ridge Road Trail in Dawson City

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Montague Roadhouse
Getting it all on tape near Carmacks

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Crocus Bluff Trail
Relaxing on the bluff above Dawson City

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Having a Great Day
High above Dawson City on the Crocus Bluff Trail.

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