Arctic Circle Highway
Clouded View
Mountains in a haze near Two Moose Lake

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Lookout on Dempster
Two Moose Lake lookout and rest stop

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Two Moose Lake
Fishing and Canoeing Lake

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North Fork Pass
Mountain views driving through the pass

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Charcoal River
River in Tombstone Territorial Park

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Charcoal River
Mountain views in Tombstone Territorial Park

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Park Information Centre
Office in park in Tombstone Territorial Park

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Valley Views
Views while driving along the Dempster Highway

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Lookout at Ogilvie Ridge
Rest stop and viewpoint on the Dempster Highway

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Highway Sign
Ogilvie Ridge

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Rock Art
Ogilvie Mountains in the background

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Grizzly Creek Hiking Trail
Hiking in the Tombstone Territorial Park

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Mountain  Views
Views from the Grizzly Creek Trail

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Coming down after hiking the Grizzly Creek Trail

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Hiker Registration Box
Register and information on the Grizzly Creek Trail

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