KVR Trail
Biking through Poplar Grove Trail in Poplar Grove

939 hits

TCT Crossing
KVR bridge crossing creek on KVR TCT meets KVR

975 hits

KVR Trail sign
Popular Grove KVR sign Kettle Valley Rail Trail

976 hits

Old Irrigation Flume
Remains of the past Winery equipment

998 hits

Walking the KVR
Paved walkway portion of the KVR Man walking the rail trail

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KVR Sign
Naramata Bench Rail Trail Directional signs to Kettle Valley Rail Trail.

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KVR Trail Marker
Old signal post Kettle Valley Rail Trail

1149 hits

TCT & River Channel
North end of river channel Trans Canada Trail and River Channel

1041 hits

Trans Canada Trail Walkway Bridge
Bridge over dam TCT in the community

1233 hits

Trout Creek Bridge
Tracks in Summerland Trout Creek Bridge

1857 hits

Little Tunnel
Naramata Tunnel KVR Little Tunnel

1493 hits

Inside Views of Oven
Rock Ovens on KVR Rock Ovens inside look

1492 hits

Rock Oven #6
Sign to Rock Oven Park Rock Oven Park Sign

1699 hits

Remains of Trestle
Trestle #2 Trestle in Myra Canyon

1313 hits

Myra Canyon Trestle
Rebult trestle in on KVR Trestle built on KVR

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