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Located in the City of Victoria, British Columbia (B.C.), Canada on Vancouver Island. The Royal British Columbia Museum is home to temporary exhibits on loan from far away places and permanent exhibits like the First Nations Gallery, the Natural History Gallery and the Modern Era Gallery.

These permanent year round dioramas tell the story of our west coast history past, present and future. The main draw for visitors is the authentic, periodic and cultural galleries depicting the humble beginnings of British Columbia and the development of its people, wildlife, economies and civilizations.

The Royal British Columbia Museum is a visual look into the regression, depression and progressive times west coast living and the trials of man's survival in BC's rugged wilderness environments.

Each exhibit is presented in halls or rooms specifically designed to house the gallery, artifacts and three-dimensional dioramas.

Also the Royal BC Museum displays time-line sensitive stories including the cleansing and extinction of many species during the Ice Age, up to and including, the development of the human race in British Columbia, Canada.

The Royal British Columbia Museum First Nations Gallery is a world class exhibit with interactive displays, artifacts and a long house. A favourite is the First Nations ceremonial masks which come from the Kwakwaka'wakw era. The Crooked Peak of Heaven and Supernatural Raven masks were said to be constructed in honour of the late Chief Kwakwabalasami of Fort Rupert.

The Modern Era History Gallery delves into the history of the arrival of the European and Chinese settlers. The HMS Discover captained by George Vancouver is on display. You may recall he arrived in Nootka Sound on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada and was one of the first Europeans to meet with the First Nation people. .

The Modern Era History Gallery explores the mining and logging era on the west coast highlighting the days of the gold mines and logging camps. The tools and the technology to work their trade is on display.

The Natural History Gallery explores the environment and the changes of the natural scenery over the years in BC through the eyes of our forests and wildlife. The gallery has a beautiful, massive Woolly Mammoth guarding the museum gallery entrance. A Grizzly Bear hunts for food in one of the three-dimensional forest dioramas. And then there is the Ice age mammals.

The Royal British Columbia Museum is a great educational tour discovering and understanding the past of our people, forests, oceans, wildlife and communities. The exhibits are world class and the location is central. A great place for families and children to spend some quality time together learning, looking and listening.

Tours are available and there is a price for admission at the door.


Royal British Columbia Museum
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