Community Blogging Grows Communities In A Positive Way

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Community Blogging Grows Communities In A Positive Way

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3 Days of Community Blogging Training Unleashes 4 More Merritt BC Bloggers

“… we just completed a second round of blog training with 4 new bloggers (plus 1) who are about to unleash their stories, experiences and some Merritt Love. The 4 new bloggers will be joining the already 6 other bloggers as storytellers for the Nicola Valley.”

After 4 months of implementing the community bloggers program in the City of Merritt, BC, Canada the results are very encouraging and motivating! Already the Experience Nicola Valley blogging team have generated over 100+ new Top 10 keyword search results on Google, Bing and other search engines using the program we introduced to Tourism Nicola Valley. Now that is about to increase by 4 more bloggers ( read more )


Merritt, BC, Canada

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