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Heritage Place | Legacy Park

Detailed Description: Heritage Place | Legacy Park is a well maintained interpretive park in the heart of the community of Ashcroft, BC decorated with artifacts and buildings representing the history of the region. The park is a popular lunch hour picnic area for the locals and historic walking tour for visitors to Ashcroft, British Columbia, Canada.
Ashcroft Park
Within the park are a series of short walking paths with interpretive signs marking each exhibit. From one end to the other the walking path documents the early days of the railway and mining industries and provides examples of the living conditions of the early pioneers and First Nations people from that time.

The Heritage Place / Lagacy Park walking path leads to such exhibits as a pioneer cabin, a settler building, a log cabin, a railway station and a pit house. The first European pioneers to settle in the Ashcroft area were J.C. Barnes and F.W. Brink in around the year of 1858. Prior to that, the First Nation people lived off the land.

The railway and mines of that period are also represented in the park. There is a red railway car, a railway station and some working railway tracks. Off to the side is a railway mining car and a very large mining truck.

The park is outfitted with many picnic tables, sitting benches and washrooms. Each side of the park is a parking lot. The main parking lot is paved, surrounded by murals and is the location of the main washrooms.
Heritage Place | Millennium Park , Ashcroft, BC, Canada in the Thompson-Shuswap


Heritage Place | Legacy Park
Railway Avenue
Ashcroft ,


Located in: Ashcroft
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