Gold Country Community
Heritage Place Park
Heritage Place Park
Community Park
Historic Signs
Welcome to the community

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Welcome Sign
Entrance to the community

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Village Views from Ridge
Looking down from the hills

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Village and River
Thompson River and the Village of Ashcroft

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Main Street
Cars parked and people shopping

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Village Streets
Retail stores line the downtown streets

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Trains and Flowers
Flower garden view of train passing by

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Thompson River
Carving a path through desert hills

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Old Firehall
Restored fire hall in main centre of village

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Staring Down
Buffalo mural in the village

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Buffalo Grazing
Beautiful mural located in downtown sector

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Wagon Wheel
Carriage mural located in the village

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Mural located in the village

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Mining Truck
On display in village centre

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Highway 97 Junction
Highway passes through village

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