Dakota Ridge
Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada

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Dakota Ridge

Park Amenities:
Mountain Biking
 Snow Shoeing
X Country Skiing

The summer seasons attract the mountain bike, off road (ATV and motorbikes) and hiking enthusiasts to the Dakota Ridge area. The Sunshine Coast trails are vastly interconnected throughout the region and many are centrally located so it is possible to access and explore a few different trails in one day.

It is best to ask the local mountain bike and cross country ski stores for trail directions and suggestions on various routes. Or, if you are experienced in the backwoods then set out with your compass or GPS and explore.

The winter season (tends to be busier) attracts an abundant amount of snowshoers and cross country skiers to the area because of the vast network of trails slicing through forests, leading out to open plateaus with magnificent views of the Sunshine Coast and the surrounding lands and mountain ranges.

A local association, the Dakota Ridge Winter Recreation Society, is in the process of developing the park into a world class winter recreation destination. The initial phase of the Dakota Ridge development will include, in the near future, improved logging road access, parking facilities, warming huts and washroom facilities.
Dakota Ridge, Sechelt, BC< Canada, Sunshine Coast

How To Get To: Dakota Ridge

Best accessed from the Sechelt Chapman Forest Service Road from Wilson Creek's Field Road, there is a fork in the logging road that points to Dakota Ridge or to the Dakota Bowl. This portion to the Dakota Ridge is more difficult for 2.5 km. There is a gate. park and go.


Sechelt Chapman Forest Service Sechelt, British Columbia Canada

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