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Thornhill Mountain Trail
Terrace, British Columbia, Canada

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Thornhill Mountain Trail

Trail Length: 4.8 km
Difficulty: Moderate
Park Amenities:
Dog Walking

(Copper) Thornhill Mountain Trail in Terrace, British Columbia, Canada and the rough gravel access road leading to the elevated views of the whole valley are by far one of the best scenic routes to explore ib the region when hiking, offroading, mountain biking, sightseeing, xc skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling.

The 4.8 km hiking trail is also referred to as the Vicki Kryklywyj Trail and once was an old miner trail and a supply route for accessing the Forestry Lookout. From the mountain lookout the skies open up and explorers can see for miles in every direction. The whole Skeena Valley comes into view including the Village of Terrace, Lakelse lake, the Kitimat & Bulkley Mountain Ranges and, even, the Six Sister Mountains on a clear day.

To access the valley views depends on what your group is capable of doing physically on foot (as the trail is challenging) and by what vehicle your group is equipped with (rough mountain gravel roads). Access to the trailhead requires traveling a rough gravel road uphill for a few kilometres by a good truck or 4x4.

The gravel road that continues past the trailhead should be only attempted by 4x4 vehicles. It is a route that provides many opportunities for extreme caution. There are large boulders, some washouts, tight switchback turns, large potholes and some narrow sections hugging the cliff side.

Some mountain bikers and off road enthusiasts continue forward along the gravel road past the trailhead to the top of the mountain on the other side near the communication towers. Near the end of the gravel road are a series of downhill technical mountain bike trails. Trails that are for experienced riders only. During the winter the roads and trails are taken over by snowmobilers and xc country skiers.

The 6 kilometre trail is no easy feat. It is an uphill route on a mostly single-trek trail navigating through a forest of switchbacks, high stepping over exposed tree roots eventually leading to a rocky mountain peak above the alpine tree line with fantastic views. The round trip hiking time should take between 5-8 hours depending on fitness levels. The trail can get muddy and the forest sections can get dark quickly so, please, allow for enough time to complete the entire adventure.

Explore (Copper) Thornhill Mountain Trail in Terrace, British Columbia, Canada

How To Get To: Thornhill Mountain Trail

Travel Hwy 16 east of Terrace, BC, Canada just past the main four way stop. Just around the bend a commercial district appears. At the first convenience store turn right onto Old Lake Lakelse Road. Continue down the road for 6 kilometres and at the landfill drive 800 metres further to an open gravel parking lot on your left. In the back of the parking lot is a hidden access gravel road with a directional sign pointing up the hill. Take the gravel road and continue up the hill for 2.4 kilometres until a footbridge appears on your right. This is the trailhead.


Thornhill Mountain road Terrace, British Columbia Canada

54.48533850398 -128.43319782085

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