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The campground is base camp - with the Opal Bed, Beaver Pond and Lookout Trails all starting from the recreation site. The wilderness recreation site acts as Mile "0" for these three trails.
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Babine Lake is located near the communities of Smithers, Telkwa, Burns Lake, and Houston. The popular lake rests next to the Babine Mountains and is the longest and largest natural lake in British Columbia, Canada spanning 177 kilometres long (110 miles).
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The forested park rests on the shores of Pinkut Lake. A small lake deep in the backcountry with forest, mountains and wildlife providing opportunities for picnicking, canoeing, boating, fishing and wildlife watching.
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The bay on the lake is a provincial park with lakefront campsites, picnic tables, fire pits, outhouses, fresh water taps and a boat launch. Popular for fishing, canoeing, picnic site, boating, camping and swimming.
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The pond is an easy access route used heavily by the locals. There are dog walkers, joggers and people, every day, out for a stroll on the Rod Reid Nature Trail.
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2 kilometre forested walking path follows a creek connecting the lower portion of the village with the upper portion of the village.
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Nellian Lake Trail (Old North Road Trail) is an easy, level hiking route following red square tree markers while exploring the meadow, the rivers and the forest backcountry regions popular for mountain biking, hiking, fishing, horseback riding.
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Kager Lake Trail is a year-round, easy grade trail system located at the base of Boer Mountain connecting Kager, Long and Slug Lakes popular for (hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, horseback riding, birdwatching, ATV and snowmobiles.
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Francois Lake is the second longest lake in BC, Canada. The lake stretches out over 25, 750 hectares and reaches a depth of over 87 metres (280 feet). Popular for fishing, boating, canoeing, hiking, flightseeing, circle driving route and camping.
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