Pendleton Bay Provincial Park

Burns Lake

Park Size: 37 hectare
Park Amenities:
Boat Launch
Wildlife Watching

Pendleton Bay Provincial Park, Babine Lake is a small 37 hectare park located on the south-central shores of the mighty Babine Lake north of Burns Lake, British Columbia, Canada. The bay on the lake is a provincial park with lakefront campsites, picnic tables, fire pits, outhouses, fresh water taps and a boat launch.

The lake scenery is bliss. The remoteness of the park is attractive because it is very quiet and peaceful. It is located on a dead end road so there is very little vehicle traffic and little evidence of any type of city noise. With no city lights at night the stars and the moon light up the campground.

On the shoreline of the lake in the park are some lakefront camping and picnic sites. And there are more sites - some with grass - hidden in the trees located across the road. These sites are more shaded and private.

The park attracts outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy fishing, canoeing, boating and swimming. Fishing and canoeing are the more popular activities launched from Pendleton Bay from the rustic boat launch.

The boat launch is a big plus for fishing types as it provides access to the lake attracting boats of all kinds to the bay. Many of them arrive with gear in hand because they know... yes they know already, that one of the top destinations for fishing in BC, Canada is on Babine Lake and Babine River. Pendleton Bay is a doorway to the lake.

Anglers arrive hoping to catch some cutthroat, rainbow and lake trout. Some come to the region when the trout follow the spawning salmon up the river. A sure sign it is prime fly fishing season.

Being that the Babine Lake is so big, many organize themselves so to enjoy a sightseeing boat ride around the lake launching from Pendleton Bay. The tour could include viewing some of the settlements on the lake like Donald Landing, Topley Landing, Granisle and Old Fort. A tour could, even, include some wildlife viewing of bears, moose and deer.

Pendleton Bay Provincial Park, Babine Lake near Burns Lake,British Columbia, Canada


Pendleton Bay Provincial Park
Babine Lake Road
Burns Lake

How To Get ToPendleton Bay Provincial Park

The park can be accesses from gravel roads east and west of the community of Burns Lake. Travel Hwy 16 west of Burns Lake for a short distance and take a right onto Babine Lake Road and continue for 45 kilometres to the lake park.

When traveling east of Burns Lake on Hwy 16 towards Sheraton there is a gravel road on your left with many distance signs to many lakes called the Augier Main FSR (Forest Service Road). Turn left here and continue until the junction with Babine Lake Road. Turn right and continue to the park. It is 54 kilometres to the lake park from Burns Lake.
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