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Atlin, BC, Canada

The community of Atlin, BC is a recreation destination located in the northeastern wilderness region of British Columbia, Canada. The small community is situated on the southern tip of Atlin Lake neighbouring the Llewellyn Glacier and surrounded by coastal mountain ranges. Just north of the community is the BC/Yukon Provincial Border.

Atlin, BC Photo Gallery Atlin Lake is the largest natural lake in British Columbia and it is the headwater of the Yukon River. The lake, combined with the many other Southern Lakes in the Yukon Territory, were all paddle routes during the Klondike Gold Rush.

The village of Atlin is located at the end of the Atlin Highway (Hwy #7) which is accessed from the Alaska Highway in the Yukon Territory. The only road access to Atlin is via the Yukon Territory. Otherwise access is best by floatplane charter.

In Atlin the small village shops and stores are built western-like, each painted in bright pastel colors - many with front porches and pillars. A general store, floatplane charters, accommodations, marina, tour operators, guiding services, coffee shop and gas station are just some of the services in Atlin that are available for travelers.

Art and history are part of Atlin. There is a small museum to visit which was once a 1902 schoolhouse. There are a few historic buildings from the Gold Rush era located throughout the village. There is the Tarahne - a historic paddle wheel boat on display on the shores of Atlin Lake. There is an art gallery and the Taku River Tlingit Centre of Culture.

The community is on the doorstep to the wild north. There are lakes, islands, mountains and glaciers to explore. In the summer months some of the activities enjoyed in the region include canoeing, kayaking, fishing, boating, hiking, flightseeing, wilderness camping and horseback riding.

Atlin Provincial Park, Teresa Island and the Llewellyn Glacier are all top adventure destinations in the region accessed best via Atlin Lake. All are popular sightseeing destinations for canoes and boaters.

Atlin is located in the thick of wilderness. It is home to many species of wildlife. The forests are home grizzlies, black bears, deer, cougars and many more. The mountains cliffs are home to mountain goats and Golden Eagles. White Mountain located north of Atlin is good for viewing mountain goats.

During the winter months, after the temperatures drop and the snow has fallen, the gravel roads, the mountains and the frozen lakes become snowmobile and cross country ski routes. The mountains and glaciers become heli skiing destinations. The frozen lakes are home to ice fishing - most fish for Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling and whitefish.

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