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Terra Nova Park is a nature park and natural area located on the middle arm of the Fraser River in the City of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. The entire Terra Nova green space area measures 25 hectares (63 acres) and covers a parcel of land situated in the northwest corner of Lulu Island of Richmond, BC.

There are two sections to the park - the Terra Nova Rural Park and the Terra Nova Natural Area. The park and natural area protects nesting and breeding birding sites, sacred First Nation fishing and hunting grounds and the site of some old pioneer homes.

The Terra Nova Rural Park measures 11 hectares and is a picnicking and sightseeing destination in the park. There are far reaching views of the mountains, tidal flats, Fraser River and of the planes coming and going from the Vancouver International Airport. Near the entrance is the day use picnic area, washrooms and a parking lot.

The Terra Nova Natural Area measures 14 hectares and it is a birdwatching and hiking destination in the park. The natural park area is an estuary and wetland park with raised boardwalk trails.

The perimeter boardwalk trail in the nature park leads to viewing platforms and sightseeing benches. In the park are information signs detailing the wildlife, flora and fauna in the park.

There are said to be over 80+ bird sightings in the natural area. Birds such as hawks and owls arrive in the conservation area in the park during the winter months. The City of Richmond has even provided nesting bird houses for the large number of Barn Owls which visit the Terra Nova Park every year.

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Terra Nova Park
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Located in: Richmond
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