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Located in: Richmond

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Gulf of Georgia Cannery is a National Historic Site situated on the waterfront in Steveston Landing located southwest of the City of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. The building was built on the southern arm of the Fraser River.

The Gulf of Georgia Cannery was built in 1894. It continued to operate until 1979 and became one of British Columbia's biggest exporters of fish goods and leading producers of canned salmon. The success of the cannery earned the name " The Monster Cannery".

Over fishing and new government regulations forced the cannery to close shop in 1979. The waterfront known as Steveston Landing was soon later protected and developed as a tourism destination and historic site. Today the site is home to some of the oldest dwellings on the Fraser River.

The Gulf of Georgia Cannery is one of the main attractions on the waterfront providing demonstrations featuring historic artifacts, films in the Boiler House Theatre, exhibits, interpretive tours, information signs and staff.

The Steveston Landing Greenway is a 1 kilometre wooden pier built on stilts acting as a sightseeing pathway connecting one historic site to another. The wooden pier connects the Gulf of Georgia Cannery to the Britannia Heritage Shipyard. The pathway is decorated with fine dining establishments, patio restaurants and gift shops.

Near the Britannia Heritage Shipyard are some historic buildings called stilt houses. The mini museums compliment the waterfront with artifacts. displays and ongoing exhibits. They include the the Murakami House (information centre) and the Chinese, Japanese and First Nation Bunk Houses.

The cannery has become one of the more popular attractions in the region, as well as, one of the more visited museums.

Explore Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site in Richmond, Steveston, British Columbia, Canada


Gulf of Georgia Cannery
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Located in: Richmond
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