Bluffs Loop Trail

Trail Length: 7.2 Kilometres

Difficulty: Moderate
Park Amenities:
Mountain Biking

The Bluffs Loop Trail is a 7.2 kilometre mountain biking and hiking trail located in the community of Trail in the Kootenays of British Columbia, Canada. The activity trail leads explorers through forests, follows a creek and then up onto an exposed bluff with far reaching views of the valley below. 

Bluffs  Loop

The Bluff Loop Trail combines the well used, easy access Miral Heights Trail and the steeper, rougher Raven's Rock Trails. Both of which act as access trailheads for the Bluffs Loop Trail.

Many start the trail with the easier Miral Heights Trail and then finish with the downhill of Raven's Rock. The Miral Heights Trail is more forested and provides access to shade during hot summer months. At about the 1.7 kilometre mark the Miral Heights connects to the Bluff Loop Trail. Be advised once on the bluff you are exposed to the elements. There is very little cover when on the ridge.

When one reaches the flag the views open up so one can see Trail Range. The combination of trails leads explorers to some jaw-dropping views of West Trail and the Columbia River.

To return back one can take the Miral Heights Trail or follow McQuarrie Creek on the steeper Raven's Rock which is about 1 kilometre long.

The Bluffs Loop Trail , Trail, British Columbia, Canada


Bluffs Loop Trail
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