Brilliant Overlook Trail


Trail Length: 4.5 kilmetres

Difficulty: Difficult
Park Amenities:
Interpretive Signs

Brilliant Overlook Trail is a moderately difficult hiking trail climbing to the top of Mount Elsdon in the community of Castlegar, BC in the Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada. The hiking route climbs to a lower and upper viewpoint which overlook the Kootenay River, the community of Castlegar and Brilliant Dam.
Brilliant Overlook Trail
The trail highlights include the three viewpoints and some amazing scenery. The lower elevation viewpoint is situated at 772 metres. The higher elevation viewpoint is at 915 metres. While the third viewing area is located south of the cellular tower closer to the McPhee Creek Trailheads.

The Brilliant Overlook Trail starts at about the 2 kilometre point on the Skattebo Reach Trail. At the junction of the trail are signs identifying the Brilliant Lookout Trail entrance. The trailhead will be located on your right. The hiking trail is very well marked with directional signs, painted arrows on rocks and by orange diamond tree markers (some with BO on them).

The single track trail is all uphill for 2.5 kilometres, navigating switchbacks, crossing rock slides and walking along cliff ridges. Along the hiking route are resting benches, hand rope rails and cliff side foot bridges.

The round trip adventure to the lookout and back using the Skattebo Reach Trail is about 4-5 hours depending on your fitness level and picnic time enjoyed while at the top. From the McPhee Creek FSR trailhead to the summit is about 3.4 kilometres.
Brilliant Overlook Trail, Castlegar, BC in the Kootenays


Brilliant Overlook Trail
Highway #3a

How To Get ToBrilliant Overlook Trail

Travel to the community of Castlegar. The Brilliant Overlook Trail is a one way trail with 3 trailheads. One trailhead is located at the Park and Ride on Highway #3a. This Brilliant Overlook trailhead is the same as the Skattebo Reach Trailhead. The other two trailheads are located on the McPhee Creek FSR (Forest Service Road) east of the golf course.
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