Hiking Trail in Castlegar
Highway 3a
Views from trail on rock slide Views of highway from ridge

1095 hits

Highway 3a & Kootenay River
Views from trail Views from Brilliant Overlook Trail

1154 hits

Kootenay River
Peek-a-boo view from trail Views of highway and river

1201 hits

Kootenay River
Big bridge and community from lookout Views from Brilliant Overlook Trail

1153 hits

Foot Bridge
Hiking a trail along ridge Hiking on Brilliant Overlook Trail

1109 hits

Foot Bridge
Hiking along a cliif face Hiking along a ridge on Brilliant Overlook Trail

956 hits

Hand Rail
Hiking trail follwos a rocky ridge Hand rail on hiking trail

1012 hits

Rocky Trail
Hiking a ridge Brilliant Overlook Trail on a ridge above Kootenay River

1015 hits

Hiking a Ridge
Trail follows a narrow ridge above Kootenay River Hiking on a ridge in Castlegar

982 hits

Tree Marker
Brilliant Overlook Trail sign on trees BO tree marker on trail

975 hits

Hiking Down
Trail of loose rocks hikes down hill Brilliant Overlook Hiking Trail

1094 hits

Power Lines
Trail crosses under power lines Hiking in the open on trail

1178 hits

Hiking Trail
Hiking in the trees Trail enters the trees

1071 hits

Distance Marker
Sign on top of rock slide Distance Marker on hiking trail

1152 hits

Trail Marker
Hiking the rock slide Marker pointing out the trail on rock slide

989 hits