Donald Henkel Memorial Trail

British Columbia

Port Clements

Trail Length: 10 meters

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:

The Donald Henkel Memorial Trail is located approximately 2km outside Port Clements. There are no signs or indicators, so you have to keep your eyes open to spot it. Once you see it, you’ll note that the actual trail is extremely short. Walk it – just off the highway – and you’ll come upon a cairn dedicated to Donald Henkel who was, according to the inscription, a logger who enjoyed the outdoors.

The trail and cairn are nearly overgrown with thick salal bushes, which makes spotting this particular attraction all the more difficult. Nevertheless, if you’re approaching the village of Port Clements, why not take a few minutes and walk towards the memorial?


Donald Henkel Memorial Trail
Highway 16
Port Clements

How To Get ToDonald Henkel Memorial Trail

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