Jungle Beach

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Jungle Beach

What a nice surprise this beach is. Located only 20 km north of Skidegate on Graham Island. The fine sandy beach stretches out for miles in both directions.

Jungle Beach - Haida Gwaii, BC Photo GalleryAt low tides it seems like you could walk forever. The upper shoreline of the beach is decorated with layers of smooth rocks and pebbles covered with driftwood logs tossed on shore from a Queen Charlotte Islands' winter storm as if they were like toothpicks.

Jungle Beach has plenty of parking, a wooden picnic shelter, pit toilets and some personality. The Black Bear marks the pull out area of the park when driving along Hwy 16. The parking beside the bear is secondary. The best place to park is just north of the Black Bear in another pull-out where the picnic shelter is located.

We almost missed it. Lucky us, we didn't. Near the shelter on the beach is a massive wooden look-out tower. So cool! The circular stairway is made of beach rock and driftwood. The look-out tower is built into a stump peering out onto Hecate Strait.

Jungle Beach is an ideal destination for a long day at the beach. People arrive at the beach to beachcomb, wildlife watch, swim, bird watch, picnic and kayak. Some come to get away while visiting their favorite private spot on the popular beach. The beach is great for families. Bring the frisbee, bocce balls, football and croquet game because at low tide it is play time.

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Jungle Beach
Highway 16

How To Get ToJungle Beach

Drive north for about 20 km on Hwy 16 from the Skidegate BC Ferry Terminal on Graham Island. On your right, look for the big carved Black Bear. There is a gravel parking lot. Do not take it. Drive pass the bear and take the next pull-out with the picnic shelter and park there.
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