East Beach Trail, Naikoon Provincial Park
Located in: Haida Gwaii



Trail Length: 89 kilometres

Difficulty: Difficult
Park Amenities:
Wilderness Camp
Wildlife Watching

East Beach Trail, Naikoon Provincial Park

A west coast 89 km experience exploring the forests, wildlife and long sandy beaches lining the eastern coastline of Graham Island of the Haida Gwaii Islands Archipelago. There are also many smaller trails connecting to the East Beach Trail for day hikers like the Cape Fife Trail near Masset and the Pesuta Shipwreck Trail near Tlell. Both smaller routes are one-way trails and offer you a glimpse of the East Beach Trail experience.

East Beach Trail - Haida Gwaii, BC Photo GalleryThe 3-6 days spent hiking along muddy trails, wooden bridges, climbing over deadfall trees, trekking along sandy and pebbled beaches provides lots of opportunity to discover spanning ocean views, historical shipwrecks and Haida Ancient Village Sites.

The East Beach Trail is a full wilderness experience. Trips can be filled with sun and yet, quickly turn to howling winds and rain. There is no services, cell phone reception nor pit toilets (except at trailheads) along the multi day route. There is some wilderness campsite areas and 3 wooden camping shelters found along the route.

All walkers, hikers and backpackers should be prepared for wet conditions and fast changing weather patterns. Most hike the East Beach Trail south to north to shield themselves from the, sometimes, heavy winds, bright sun and torrential rains. Proper equipment, attitude and planning are recommended.

Many backpackers use the Cape Fife Trail or the Pesuta Shipwreck Trail as the starting and ending points (north and south trailheads) to the 89 km East Beach Trail which runs from the Tlell River Bridge to Rose Point on the northeast tip of Graham Island, largest of the Haida Gwaii Islands.

The entire trail system falls within the 69,166 hectares Naikoon Provincial Park which includes part of the Hecate Depression.

East Beach Trail, Naikoon Provincial Park, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada


East Beach Trail, Naikoon Provincial Park
Highway 16
British Columbia
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Located in: Haida Gwaii
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