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Copper Bay, Moresby Island

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Cooper Bay, Moresby Island

Low tides empty the bay exposing a pebbled, sandy beach with seagulls soaring above, Bald Eagles nesting in the nearby trees and the winds of nature surrounding you. Cooper Bay is south of Sandspit Village and Five Mile Point on Moresby Island, which is part of the Haida Gwaii Islands Archipelago.

The Cooper River feeds Cooper Bay and in the spring the Haida visit to fish for Sockeye Salmon. Once the harvest is complete the Haida hang the fish for drying and smoking. Often, when visiting the shoreline, it is spotted with aluminum boats turned upside down to protect from the rains and storms.

The Cooper Bay shoreline is spotted with huts and buildings. The structures are old, with some housing occupants all year round. Many of the buildings are boarded up. During the spring months the parking lot fills with trailers and the huts are opened up for the sockeye celebration and fishing harvest.

Copper Bay, Moresby Island, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada


Copper Bay, Moresby Island
School Road
Sandspit ,


Located in: Haida Gwaii
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