9 Top Things To Do on Hornby Island, 
Gulf Islands, BC, Canada

The Top 9 Things To Do on Hornby Island, British Columbia, Canada located on the east coast of Vancouver Island in the Gulf Island B.C. Region.

Family BeachKayaking. Kayaking the bays and coves of Hornby Island makes for great day paddles. Visit such areas as the bluffs in Helliwell Provincial Park or the kilometre long sandy beach in Tribune Bay or the cove in Whaling Station Bay.

Scuba Diving. Diving is big in this region around Hornby and Denman Islands. Some of the diving sites most visited include the south end of Lambert Channel, Heron Rocks, ,Norris Rocks and Flora Islet. The nearby Flora Islet is where the scuba divers head to swim with the six-gill sharks.

Boating & Sailing. Boating and sailing the Gulf Islands includes views of sandstone cliffs, towering bluffs, jagged coastlines and wildlife sightings. There are a few coves and bays on Hornby to visit including Tribune Bay and Whaling Station Bay. There is a small marina on Hornby Island with services in Ford's Cove.

Beachcombing. No visit to Hornby Island is complete without walking the kilometre long sandy beach in Tribune Bay Park.

Hiking. Some hiking trails on Hornby Island lead hikers to viewpoints on cliffs and sandstone bluffs and some trails explore through forests accessing viewpoints and sandy beaches. Try walking out to Sandy Island at low tide or venture down to Helliwell Park and hike to the point.

Wildlife Viewing. Hornby Island is good for birdwatching and wildlife viewing opportunities. Walk the beaches and find wildlife like rock crabs and clams. Walk to the viewpoints and view eagles, sea gulls, loons, herons and black-tailed deer. Boat tours and recreational boating provide a good opportunity to visit with seals and dolphins.

Cycling. Cycling Hornby Island is great for short day rides. Make it a full day by visiting and picnicking on one of the sandy beaches. Plenty of sightseeing and secluded spots to stop and enjoy. Connect to Denman Island via a BC Ferry and continue cycling.

Ocean Fishing. Hornby Island fishing is mostly for salmon and halibut. Good fishing destinations are said to be south of Denman Island out by Boyle Point Park.

Island Day Trips. Accommodations are available on Hornby Island. So stay awhile and take some time to enjoy some sightseeing day trips visiting some of the other islands next door like Denman and Vancouver Island.

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