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Hiking in Faro, Yukon

Bro and I have split up so we can cover the Yukon Territory more efficiently.  When you are with someone 24/7 and it is your brother.. solitude time for both of us is rare and sometimes welcomed. Plus we needed to make up time. So my good Bro is heading back to Whitehorse to do […]


Dempster Hwy – Grizzly

The end of our trip on the Dempster Highway traveling back to Dawson City to our campers was a very rewarding trip  with many wildlife sightings. We spotted a caribou herd crossing the tundra. We came across a couple of Gyrfalcons. One of which flew right in from of our jeep. But the big highlight […]


Dempster Hwy – Inuvik

Had a quick nap and toured the village of Inuvik and some of the parks in the region. The landscape around the village is very flat, wet and is known as the Mackenzie River Delta.  The wetland region  is birdwatching and wildlife country. The Gwich’in Territorial Park reserve protects some of the delta and has […]


Dempster Hwy – Ogilvie Ridge

Today, we left from Dawson City in the Yukon for the village of Inuvik in the Northwest Territories.  It is a  trip that requires us traveling the 700 kilometre Dempster Highway. It is the only year round road that crosses into the Arctic Circle and leads to the community of Inuvik in the Northwest Territories.   […]

EH Towering Brother in Dawson City

Exploring the back country is often the best time when researching a community for our websites. It often provides sights and sounds we did not plan on researching as we were not aware of its existence. This was such a day. During our trip while researching some of the other parks and trails in the  […]

Top of the World Highway in Dawson City

Every visitor to the north of the Yukon near Dawson City will want to tell their grandchildren that they explored the Top Of  The World Highway.  I mean just the name of the highway has allot of weight. And it takes some time and effort in just getting here so to explore the highway. From […]

Gold Panning in Dawson City

In Dawson City we decided to explore the back country gravel roads.  It is a  back country which is deep in mining history. So we planned on visiting some of the old mining artifacts in the region. It is not really our thing because of the impact mining has on the environment.. but it is […]