Another gorgeous day! Spent the past few days powering down on parks and attractions in Calgary, Alberta.  Yup, still here. And Bro is still in Drayton Valley.

Good news is that I now know the streets and highways well  in Cow Town. I even avoided a clogged up highway today due to a 6 car crash by taking an alternative route home therefore avoiding it. Um.. except in a city of millions it seemed  allot of other drivers decided to take the same route home too. But I think it was still faster. Always the optimist.

Spent the last few days researching some of the larger and bigger parks and attractions in Calgary. Saved the big boys till the end I thought. I visited Fort Calgary, the zoo and Nose Hill Park. Fort Calgary was a bit of a let down. The museum was.. what can I say a museum. The grounds outside, although potential, were unkept.

The zoo, on the other hand, had great set of trails and the wilderness themes.. but.. there is always a but.. so many of the animals looked lazy and unhappy. Maybe it was just me? Maybe the hot sun?  But I do know this.. the billions of kids there today sure did not mind. They loved the park.

Nose Hill Park was a great find. It is a knob of hill in the middle of the community with 360 degree views spanning forever.   It is the largest park in the community. On my trip the winds were fierce though and it was a tad chilly. It might of been because it was my first park of the day and it was 8:30 in the morning. Everywhere there are trails. I see a mountain biker and one dog walker this morning. Only 3 of us crazy enough to be up on a hill in the early morning. Love it!

Although the museum was just OK. I did run into an old guard room with a jail. It was a walk through jail room. So, since I was the only one in the museum, I set up the tri pod and had me a jail time moment. Wanted poster above.


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