Spent some quality time in Lethbridge, Alberta researching the trails, parks and community. The first day was a hot one, and one which I took full advantage of. I was eager to get going, so I was up and ready at 7:30 AM with bells on.

First stop … Tim Hortons. Fueled up on java and drove to Henderson Lake (photo above).  It is a local park in the middle of town popular for golf, kayaking, canoeing, boating, walking trails, birdwatching and the Japanese Gardens.  I enjoyed my coffee at the lake, mist still rising from the morning heat. It was some “My Time” surrounded by scenery.

While at the lake I took some great pictures and enjoyed the company of many morning people walking the trail circling the large lake.  I found people really friendly in Lethbridge during my stay. Good sign for growing tourism in the area!

There are two many parks to mention here during my visit. So many that I was impressed with. Most are extremely well kept and marked. Some are paved some are lined with red rock and others with gravel. Every park I visited was bust with active people.

It was good to see so many people mountain biking, hiking and dog walking along the trails located throughout the coulees (kind of valley or drainage zone in a valley) in the middle of town. And more people walking and biking in the other parks.  An active bunch in Lethbridge. My kind of town

I also visited the Japanese Garden for a taste of culture. What a treat my visit was, as I received a guided tour with a host, elegantly dressed in a kimono.  On site was a waterfall, flower gardens, traditional statues, a tea room, manicured trees, a praying area and a rock pond-  tons to see and learn. All through my photo shoot Henderson Lake was in the background.

The weather was on our side during our research visit. It was gorgeous out.  During my  researching  under the sun I explored some birding wetlands, Fort Whoop Up, Cottonwood Park, Nichlas Sheran Park, Alexander Wilderness Park and Indian Battle Park and others.

I enjoyed my many days in Lethbridge and look  forward to returning soon. Before I live I will finish my research in the community by visit Park Lake and Birds of Prey. Should be a hoot! Get it hoot… birds of prey. ha ha ha. Okay I will move on.

All visitors should try to bring a bike or good walking legs as the trails, parks and far  reaching views in the coulees are a moment to capture through your lens.

Be well, Be active.

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