So Bro and I met up in Lethbridge.  He got some computer work done and I got some research done. Now we were planning our next move.

But it seemed like snow was everywhere in Central and Northern Alberta and more was on its way. Radio was stating up to 40 cm in Edmonton. Brrrrrr. What to do? This weather was not normal, not cooperating and it was putting a wrench in our schedule.

We parked in the Walmart parking lot in Lethbridge and listed our alternatives. We cannot research summer tourism when snow is on the ground. So we came a bit early to Alberta. Ha ha ha. Joke on us.

We decided on Plan B.

Plan B was to head back to southern BC where they were getting sun and hunker down until the snow melts. Then we will head back to Alberta and continue on. No worries about Plan B.. we now have bonus time for computer work and banked time on sunshine for when we head back.

We decided on Cranbrook and one of the best recreation campground sites in the interior – Horseshoe Lake.

Be well. Be active.

Talk soon.

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  1. Get A Trip
    Get A Trip says:

    The title of this post, “The Snow Chased us Out…” immediately caught my little daughter’s eye who is also looking at your blog here with me. Dad, she says, how can snow chase them out when this is the first winter we missed going to the snow. We’d love snow to just come to us. Here in Murrieta, California we settle with a little drizzle. But we have been doing a lot of research on doing a Canadian trip, thus is why we were brought to your blog. Hopefully we can get a trip to Canada the following summer!

    We appreciate your travel stories keep it up.

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