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Vulcan, Alberta, Canada
Foothills Country - Vulcan County travel information

Vulcan, Alberta, Canada is a Star Trek attraction (point of interest) destination and home to a series of reservoir lakes popular for water sport activities located in the Southern Alberta Foothills region of the Canadian Badlands.

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Vulcon, Alberta, Canada photo galleryThe community of Vulcan, Alberta is a tourism destination for many travelers because of the attractions and exhibits in the community based on the Star Trek television series and the home planet of Mr. Spock called Vulcan. Some travelers are fans and others are curious.

The community was not established until 1910. Contrary to popular belief the community was not named after the home planet of Mr. Spock of the Star Trek television series. In fact, the community was named after roman mythology.

To the east of Vulcan, Alberta, Canada in the outlying areas, are dams, canals and lake reservoirs created back in the early 1900s to provide water to a growing, local agricultural industry. The reservoir lakes also double as recreation destinations popular for many water activities year round.