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The Bower Ponds Park is a family park and activity destination located in the southwest sector of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Bower Ponds is part of the larger park and trail network in Red Deer called Waskasoo Park.

Red Deer Photo GalleriesWaskasoo Park follows the Red Deer River Valley from the River Bend Recreation Area to Heritage Ranch. Waskasoo Park includes over 100+ kilometres of recreation trails, picnic sites, attractions and day use parks including Bower Ponds.

Before Bower Ponds was a park it was the site of a sawmill operated by the Great West Lumber Company until 1916. It was not until many years later that Hugh Bower and the Red Deer Fish and Game Association developed the area with a vision of creating trout ponds. After years of negotiations and development the Bower Ponds Park was opened in 1980.

Today the Cronquist House stands as a reminder of the past. The Cronquist House is a 1911 heritage farmhouse in the Bower Ponds Park which is available for meetings, conferences, retreats, weddings and special occasions. .

The Bower Ponds Park is one of the more popular parks in Red Deer. There are paved trails, a playground, picnic sites, picnic shelters, a floating pavilion stage, canoe rentals, information signs, a concession, art sculptures, grass lawns, sitting benches and washrooms.

There are 3 paved loop trails in the park. Along the shores of the ponds and on the edge of the trails are sitting benches, picnic tables and many information signs.

The loop trails are also part of the 9 kilometre Waskasoo Park North Bank Trail which follows the Red Deer River from Heritage Ranch to the Discovery Canyon.

Some of the activities enjoyed in the park include fishing, birdwatching, walking, jogging, roller blading, biking, picnicking, paddle boating, canoeing and attending special events. During the winter months ice skating on the ponds and xc skiing the trails are enjoyed.

South of the Bower Ponds (within walking distance) is the Great Chief Park and the Kiwanis Park.


Bower Ponds
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